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If you want to hire node js developer, then learning about node js development services is all you need for now. To create scalable and performant web applications, we provide Node.js development services. Custom solutions created to meet the needs of your business are their area of expertise as skilled developers.

Node.js Consulting Services

To assist clients in developing and maintaining scalable, high-performance applications, we provide knowledgeable Node.js consulting services. Our team of experts can offer advice on Node.js project architecture, implementation, and optimization to ensure it matches your company's demands.

Node.js Development Services

Hire node js developer to get Node.js development services to develop dependable and scalable online applications. To guarantee that your project is finished on time and within budget, our team of skilled Node.js engineers can handle end-to-end development, including architecture, coding, testing, and deployment.

API Development & Integration Services

Our services for developing and integrating APIs assist businesses in developing and integrating reliable APIs that permit easy communication between various software applications. Hire node js developer to get end-to-end solutions that cover design, development, testing, and deployment.

UI/UX Development Services

In order to develop web and mobile applications in a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing manner, we specialize in UI/UX development. Our team delivers tailored solutions that improve user experience and promote business success using the most recent tools and technology.

Node.js Plug-ins Development Services

We provide services for Node.js plug-in development. Hire node js developer to get custom plug-ins that will expand the capabilities of your Node.js application. You can rely on us to deliver scalable, reliable, and personalized solutions to your unique needs.

Node.js Support and Maintenance Services

To guarantee your Node.js applications' optimum performance, security, and dependability, our developers offer complete Node.js support and maintenance services. For fast updates, bug fixes, and technical support to keep your applications operating efficiently, turn to our team of professionals.

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Flexible Model To Hire Node Js Developer

Are you seeking to hire node js developer to bring your project to life? Our flexible hiring model offers a seamless solution, empowering you to find and hire the perfect fit for your team's needs. Hire node js developer now!

Full-Time Hiring

Starts From
  • $25,000

    Per Month

  • Duration


  • Billing


  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone

Part-Time Hiring

Starts From
  • $60

    Min. 4 Hours

  • Duration

    Hourly (Min. 4 Hours)

  • Billing


  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone

Hourly Hiring

Starts From
  • $15

    Per Month

  • Duration


  • Billing


  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone

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How DevelopersPerHour Works?

Imagine having a magic wand that could introduce you to the world's best tech professionals, designers, and developers. That's a summary of DevelopersPerHour. Hire node js developer in 24 hours! We make locating and hire nodejs developer for your upcoming project easier.


Project Requirement Analysis

We first go over the specifications and objectives of your project with you. We assess your requirements, establish the project's parameters, and identify the developer's skill set needs. It phase aids in our ability to choose the best developers for your project.


Developer Selection

Based on the demands of your project, we choose the most qualified developers from our pool of experienced developers. Before choosing them for your project, we consider their abilities, availability, and experience.


Project Development

The developers begin working on your project as soon as they are chosen. We ensure the programmers do high-calibre work and meet your expectations. We also regularly inform you of the project's status.


Project Delivery

We provide the project to you after development is complete. We ensure the project is high-quality and satisfies all the requirements. If required, we also offer post-project support.

Why Choose DevelopersPerHour To Hire NodeJs Developers?

Imagine having an affordable, on-demand team of Node.js developers at your disposal. If you need to hire nodejs developers in India, go no further than DevelopersPerHour! High-calibre talent, smooth communication, and flexible hiring alternatives are all provided by our platform.

Vast Pool of Talent

Node.js developers with experience working on various projects can be found on DevelopersPerHour in large numbers. You may be sure that you'll find the best developer for your project because the platform ensures that only the best and most competent developers are featured on the site.


It is less expensive to hire nodejs developers in India through DevelopersPerHour because you just pay for the hours performed. You get to pick how many hours the developer works, and there are no extra fees or hidden costs.

Quality Assurance

DevelopersPerHour fully vets all developers featured on the site to ensure they are qualified and experienced. If you're unhappy with the developer's work, the platform also provides a money-back guarantee.


The level of involvement you wish to have with the developer is flexible with DevelopersPerHour. You can hire our node js developer part-time or full-time and decide whether to work with them in person or remotely.


Every project depends on effective communication, and DevelopersPerHour ensures that the lines of communication between you and the developer are open and flowing. Hire nodejs developers USA, and you may quickly contact the developer using the platform's many communication capabilities, which include chat, email, and video conferencing.


You can contact the platform's support staff any time of day or night for any inquiries or issues with the help of DevelopersPerHour's great customer service. The platform also offers project management tools to assist you in managing your project successfully.

Cost To Hire Node Js Developer

Several variables, including experience level, location, and project needs, might affect the cost to hire node js developers. The typical hourly wage for a Node.js developer is between $10 and $25. However, charges may increase for those with further training or experience. You may hire Node js developer with years of Node.js development experience at DevelopersPerHour.com. The hire node js developers' cost can range from $15,000 to $55,000 per project. Keep in mind that the price of hiring a developer should also consider extra costs like perks, tools, and training.

Technology Our Developer Works On

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Server

  • Database

  • Frameworks

  • Cloud

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • ReactJS

  • AngularJS

  • VueJS

  • Node.js

  • Express

  • Nest.js

  • Koa.js

  • Hapi.js

  • LoopBack

  • Meteor

  • Socket.io

  • Nginx

  • Apache

  • PM2

  • Forever

  • Heroku

  • DigitalOcean

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • SQLite

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • AdonisJS

  • Feathers

  • Sails.js

  • Strapi

  • Total.js

  • ThinkJS

  • Kraken.js

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • IBM Cloud

Hire Node JS Developers For Multi-Domain!

Hire Node developer to boost your industry growth with digitization if you want to realize the full potential of your internet presence. Whether you work in e-commerce or healthcare, DevelopersPerHour's pool of Node js developers can provide the ideal solution for your unique company requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Node.js?

An open-source, multi-platform server-side JavaScript runtime environment is Node.js. It enables developers to use JavaScript on web development's server and client sides. Node.js has a non-blocking I/O mechanism that makes it extremely scalable and effective. It is based on the JavaScript engine seen in Chrome V8.

What Are The Benefits of Using Node.js?

Node.js has many advantages for web development, including high scalability, quicker application development, a simple interface with other technologies and tools, effective resource management, and a large library of modules and packages.

What Are The Essential Skills Required For a Node.js Developer?

JavaScript proficiency is a prerequisite for a Node.js developer, as is an understanding of server-side programming, APIs, database integration, and front-end technologies. Additionally, they must be adept at working with Node.js and its frameworks, like Express.js, Hapi.js, and Nest.js.

How Do I Hire A Skilled Node.js Developer From Your Website?

You can share your requirements and hire qualified Node.js developers on our website. To ensure that you obtain the best personnel developer for your project, it is advised that you work with an IT employment firm that specialises in Node.js development. Hire node js experts as soon as possible for your project.

What Is The Hourly Rate To Hire Node.js Developer?

The hourly rate of a Node.js developer depends on their level of experience, location, and the complexity of the project. The hourly cost typically varies from $10 to $25.

What Is The Typical Project Duration For A Node.js Development Project?

The complexity and scale of the project determine the Node.js development project's duration. Small to medium-sized projects typically take two to six months, whereas larger projects might take up to a year or longer.

What Is The Development Process For a Node.js Project?

A Node.js project's development process typically entails identifying the project's requirements, creating the architecture and user interface, writing the code, testing it, deploying it, and maintaining it after it is done.

What Are Some Popular Frameworks Used In Node.js Development?

The Node.js frameworks Express, Hapi, Meteor, Nest, and Koa are some of the more well-known ones used in web development. These frameworks offer tools and libraries that facilitate the creation of web applications that are scalable and maintained.

How Do You Ensure The Security of a Node.js Application?

Our developers adhere to best practices, such as input validation, user authentication, encryption, and utilising secure APIs, to guarantee the security of a Node.js application. Regular testing and audits of security systems can also aid in locating and addressing vulnerabilities.

How Do You Ensure The Scalability of a Node.js Application?

Our programmers plan the architecture of a Node.js application for scalability, use load balancers and caching strategies, and optimise database queries. Scalability problems can be found and resolved through routine performance testing.

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