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Look no further than DevlopersPerHour, for Android app developers for hire! The developers at our company specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that meet your specific requirements. With an eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we'll bring your ideas to life and help your business thrive in the digital age.

Custom Android App Development Services

Our team specializes in providing services for developing unique Android apps. Developing customized solutions for our clients' specific business needs is one of the things we do in close collaboration with them. Talk to us about your project right away!

Android Game Development Services

Our team specializes in providing services for developing unique Android apps. Developing customized solutions for our clients' specific business needs is one of the things we do in close collaboration with them. Talk to us about your project right away!

Android Wearable App Development Services

We specialize in creating wearable Android apps that are effortlessly incorporated with wearable technology. Our talented development team is committed to offering top-notch services and coming up with creative solutions to fulfil the various needs of each of our clients.

Maintenance and Support Services

We provide thorough maintenance and support services to ensure your software and apps run without a hitch. To ensure that your business works effectively, our skilled specialists can offer prompt assistance, address problems, and offer continuing support.

Android App Consultation Services

Our Android app consultation services assist organizations and individuals in formulating successful mobile strategies, designing intuitive user interfaces, and improving app performance. We provide experienced advice on design, development, testing, and deployment to ensure a successful app launch and long-term success.

Android App Porting and Upgradation Services

With the help of our Android app porting and upgrade services, companies and individuals can easily update their existing apps' features and functionalities while migrating them to the newest Android version. To improve user experience and spur business growth, we guarantee compatibility with various devices and offer end-to-end support.

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You can contact us within 24 hours by submitting your project requirements.

Elegant Model To Hire Android App Developers

Looking for top-tier talent to build your Android app? Say goodbye to endless resumes and interviews and hello to our elegant model to hire dedicated team of Android app developers. We'll find the perfect fit for your project in no time.

Full-Time Hiring

Starts From
  • $2500

    Per Month

  • Duration


  • Billing


  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone

Part-Time Hiring

Starts From
  • $55

    Min. 4 Hours

  • Duration

    Hourly (Min. 4 Hours)

  • Billing


  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone

Hourly Hiring

Starts From
  • $15

    Per Month

  • Duration


  • Billing


  • Communication

    Email, Skype, Phone

Build Your App With Our Expert Android Developer Team Now!

Request a quote about our Android app development services.

Build Your App With Our Expert Android Developer Team Now!

We have successfully served many customers with over 900+ Android applications developed for startups and established companies. Hire Android application developers from DevelopersPerHour to get the best in development.


Understanding Requirements

DevelopersPerHour begins by understanding the requirements of its clients. It involves gathering information about the client's business, project goals, and technical requirements. Our experts ask clients to fill out a detailed brief or conduct a consultation to gather this information.


Proof of Concept

We develop a proof of concept (POC) once our professionals thoroughly understand the client's requirements. A POC is a scaled-down presentation of the product that the company is proposing. The client can view the suggested solution and give feedback on any required adjustments.


Hiring Developers

DevelopersPerHour will offer clients service to work on the development endeavor once the POC has been authorized. There is a pool of skilled developers within the organization that may be hired on an hourly or project basis. DevelopersPerHour chooses the best team for the project based on the necessary qualifications and expertise.


Product Delivery

Our developers present the client with the finished product as soon as the project is complete. Testing and quality control are part of the product delivery process to guarantee the solution satisfies the client's needs. DevelopersPerHour offers continuing support and upkeep services to guarantee the solution's continued usability and relevancy.

Why Hire Android Developers From DevelopersPerHour?

Do you want to take your business to the next level with a powerful Android app? Look no further than DevelopersPerHour to hire an android developers team! Our talented Android developers have the skills and experience to turn your ideas into reality and help you achieve your goals. Trust us to turn your vision into a reality and deliver results that exceed your expectations.


At DevelopersPerHour, we have a team of experienced and skilled Android developers with expertise in building high-quality Android apps. To create top-notch solutions, our developers stay current with the newest Android technology and best practices.


We provide specialized Android development services that are affordable and meet your company's needs. You only pay for the hours our developers spend working on your project because they are paid hourly.


To meet your company's demands, we provide customizable engagement models. Depending on company needs, you can engage our Android developers full-time, part-time, or hourly.


We have English-speaking Android developers available to speak with you on the phone, via Skype, or via email. We make sure that communication is open and continuous throughout the project.


We use the newest tools and technologies and industry best practices to ensure that the Android apps we create are of the greatest caliber and adhere to the strictest standards.


We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the Android apps we create. After the project is finished, our team is always available to solve any problems that may come up.

Cost To Hire Android App Developers

The cost to hire Android app developers can vary depending on several factors, such as location, experience level, and project requirements. Generally, rates for Android app developers can range from $10 to $25 per hour. However, the quality of work may vary, and communication can sometimes be challenging. Finding a developer who can balance affordability and quality to fit your project needs and budget is important. DevelopersPerHour is a platform that offers on-demand access to top-quality developers for hourly-based projects.

Hire a team of Android app developers at low cost, who are highly skilled and experienced in delivering high-quality and innovative mobile applications that meet your business needs and exceed your expectations which will satisfy the cost.

Technology Our Developer Work On

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Server

  • Database

  • Frameworks

  • Cloud

  • Android SDK

  • React Native

  • Flutter

  • Xamarin

  • Ionic

  • Node.js with Express or Koa

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Django (Python)

  • Laravel (PHP)

  • Firebase

  • Linux

  • Nginx

  • Apache web server

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL database

  • SQLite

  • Realm

  • Room Persistence Library

  • ObjectBox

  • Couchbase Mobile

  • Flutter

  • Ionic

  • Xamarin

  • Android SDK (Java or Kotlin)

  • Apache Cordova/PhoneGap

  • AWS

  • Google Cloud

Hire Android App Developers For Multi-Domain!

Ready to level up your business with top-notch Android apps? Our skilled developers can turn your vision into a digital reality. Let's revolutionize your industry together. Here are the following domains we provide developers for.

Frequently Asked Question

Why should I hire an Android app developer?

You may build a high-quality, useful app that fulfills your business goals and appeals to your target market by hiring an Android app developer.

What does the hire of Android app developers cost?

The hire of Android app developers cost varies depending on the project's complexity, location, and the developer's experience. The price of an hourly rate can be $15 or more.

What skills should I look for to Hire dedicated Android app developers?

To hire dedicated Android app developers, it's crucial to check for experience with mobile app development frameworks, fluency with Java or Kotlin, knowledge of the Android SDK and APIs, and competence in UI/UX design when hiring an Android app developer.

How long does it take to develop an Android app?

The length of time it takes to develop an Android app might change depending on its functionality, features, and complexity. A working Android app may often be developed in a few weeks or months.

What is the process of hiring an Android app developer?

Creating a job listing, analyzing resumes and portfolios, conducting interviews, and negotiating conditions and payment are usually steps in the hiring process for Android app developers.

Should I hire a freelancer or a development agency for my Android app project?

Your project's budget, specifications, and deadline will determine whether you should Hire an Android app developers team or a freelancer. While development agencies offer more resources and support, freelancers may be more affordable.

How do I ensure the quality of work when hiring an Android app developer?

When choosing an Android app developer, you may assure the quality of their work by reviewing their portfolio, checking references, requesting samples, conducting tests, and establishing clear communication and project parameters.

What is the average experience level of an Android app developer?

An Android app developer's experience level can vary, but most have at least two to three years of experience in the field.

What is the most important factor when hiring an Android app developer?

When choosing an Android app developer, experience and expertise with the Android platform are crucial factors to consider.

How do I ensure my Android app project stays within budget and timeline?

You can establish precise project rules and milestones, set reasonable expectations, keep constant contact with the developer, and carefully monitor progress to ensure your Android app project stays within budget and schedule.

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