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  • • Define Your Development Requirements

    To become familiar with the platform and its features, explore the website. The type of project, technological stack, preferred programming languages, and any particular abilities or expertise you seek in a developer should all be clearly defined in your development requirements.

  • • Post A Project

    To submit a project, look for a button or link that says "Post a Project" or something. To add a new project listing, click on it. Give your project all pertinent information, including its goals, costs, schedule, and other conditions or specifications.

  • • Review Proposals

    After you post your project, our team of experts will carefully review it and submit their ideas for the chance to work on your project under a proper agreement.

  • • Finalize the Agreement

    The project scope, milestones, payment schedule, and any other pertinent aspects should all be discussed during the negotiation of the terms and conditions. Make sure you comprehend the payment procedure and terms before using DevelopersPerHour's platform for secure payment and escrow services.

  • • Start the Project

    Work on your project can start once the agreement is established and the initial payment, if necessary, has been made. Throughout the development phase, our team will maintain constant contact with the client, offering input and resolving any difficulties that may come up.